Monday, November 24, 2008


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

TUDUNG EKIN...da Process

(atas) template awning/(bawah) template badan tudung
template tulang awning
yg putih tu tulang awning dari kain keras (bergam sebelah)

kain yg telah d potong untuk awning

kain yang telah di potong untuk badan tudung

(atas) kain dah d tepek tulang dan di iron
(atas) jahitan kt awning..(jahit tangan niii)

(atas) jahitan kat cantuman awning dan badan
(bawah) jahitan kt awning sebelah luar

(atas) jahitan sembat pd badan belah dalam
(baeah) sembat belah luar


NEW HOBBY - SEWING! to expain this...not really new hobby..but more to'renew'..hehe..i'm exposed to sewing since i was in primary school..i remember using my mom's old black singer machine to sew cloth doll made from kain perca..and then stuffed it with kapas..!
since then i developed my skill to jahit mana2 kain/baju yg koyak up to langsir and cushion cover! i had (still have actually) a sewing machine (dont remember da brand, but not singer) and it has already rosak teruk....!So the hobby a bit terbengkalai...Now, i', planning to get a new one..hurray!
I'm a big fan of tudung Ekin (actually Tudung Ariani). Even'tho i dont have one, the opportunity to learn to make the tudung is sort of 'bulan jatuh ke riba'! Thanks to frens of BFT who has organised this more about it here version of tudung Ekin..fully hand sewn by me! What do you think! OK or KO? :)

Here's some pics of da class attended on Saturday 8/11/08